Melvin Cook started his experience in the job market during his high school years at Cone's Meat Market, located on the south end of Miami.  It wasn't long before he started working for Foodtown, which was later Farrier's and then Consumers, as a full time meat cutter.  During his 30 years of employment as a meat cutter, he envisioned building a processing plant of his own.  Thus, in 1985, Cook's Processing was born. 

Cook's Processing is the only processing plant in Northeast Oklahoma that has successfully passed the USDA regulations regarding a HACCP Plan, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Plan, Mandatory E Coli Testing, Pathogen Reduction Performance Standards for Salmonella, and Salmonella Testing.
  By passing all the requirements and regulations required by the state, Cook's is legally able to sell meat to individuals, schools, grocery stores and restaurants.

Cook's Processing has added several additions over the years to their processing plant making it a total of 4,700 Square Feet that enables them to handle a higher volume and keep their processing prices the lowest in the area.  Having a higher volume has also made it possible to process the Delaware County and the Nowata County Spring Livestock Shows at the same time.  Their three separate coolers, give them adequate refrigeration to keep deer in a separate cooler during deer season, thus allowing your deer to be properly processed within seven days.

Melvin and Linda Cook are dance instructors in their spare time. See their recent story in Lifestyles - A publication for the Baby Boomers Generation in the Miami paper.





Kojak Cook has been involved with Cook's Processing his entire life. He worked after school and his summer vacations were spent there.  He attended and graduated from Miami High School with full intentions of being a vital part of his families business.  He likes to hunt and fish when he finds time. 

A family owned operation, Melvin and Kojak Cook are proud of their clean facility, low prices and having grown into what Cook's Processing is today.